Some Caring Tips For Your Micro Mini Sheepadoodle

Sheepadoodle is a stunning dog breed that is a perfect combination of Old English sheepdog and a standard Poodle. He will surely melt your heart and look like something out of the picture-perfect from kid’s book. This mix dog breed is becoming highly popular due to its remarkable personality and good looks. Its cuddly appearance makes him look like a big teddy bear that makes you want to dash out and buy one.

It is a fact that every pet needs a proper care and love, so if you are also having a micro mini sheepadoodle in your home then Feathers and Fleece has some important caring tips for him.

Proper heath testing

Sheepadoodle parents should be genetically tested to diagnose any condition or disability that could pass to their pups. Before buying one, get relevant heath clearance from the person you are buying from. These documents or records will help you to know about the health condition of the dog that you are buying. Mostly these dogs are fairly healthy but that doesn’t mean that they could not get influenced by certain conditions or diseases from their parents like bloating, cushing disease as well joint swelling.


Vaccination is important for puppies and young dogs because there is a greater risk of infection to them as compared to adults. This vaccination protects your dog from different infections even when they are with their mother. It is important to give a shot for parainfluenza and measles once in their life time. It is mostly given between the age of 6 to 8 weeks.