Jewellery Can Bring Good Things in Your Life

People all over the world have long invested precious stones and metals with special meaning, and have attributed symbols to the various colours.

As such, jewellery can have religious meaning, or can act as a protective amulet; find out more about the different types on this symbol jewellery website. Some people believe that with the right pendant, you can conjure up the power of the Universe to keep you safe.


Others believe they can show their gratitude for what they have and bring abundance into their lives by wearing a gold or silver amulet. The choice of metal is important here more than anywhere else, because unlike ordinary materials, a precious metal like gold is better suited to attract prosperity. A pendant of abundance can be designed in a variety of ways, although often it is shaped into the goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi.

However, the abundance refers not only to wealth, but also to love and health, and even good fortune. Regardless of purpose, you can even say a mantra to enhance these effects.


If, to the contrary, you need to lead a more balanced life, then why not try wearing a suitable necklace to inspire you. Consider wearing a double or triple charm necklace made, for instance, of gold and ruby, with the gemstone standing for passion and prosperity.

Instead of gold and ruby, you can also go with silver and spinel. Black spinel in particular symbolizes energy, guidance, and clarity of vision. It is also known for its healing powers, which makes it a terrific gift for people who need to take better care of their health.

When it comes to balance, good pendant choices include the sun, the moon, lotus flowers, and the Om sound. The sun and the moon emphasize the balance and contrast there is between light and dark.

At the same time, the sun signifies life and vitality, while the moon stands for protection. As you can see, often there is more than one meaning to these charms, which makes them perfect for a variety of purposes.

The lotus blossoms daily from the mud, symbolizing new beginnings, whereas Om is the sacred sound of the universe. Thus, if you wish to welcome new opportunities in addition to achieving balance, a lotus charm will do the trick. In order to celebrate your individuality, choose one with a white topaz accent; the white topaz is a symbol of creativity and harmony.


When you wish to offer a lotus jewel to a loved one rather than have it for yourself, it is worth considering adding extra charms to it. Pink quartz makes a great choice here, since it is a symbol of unconditional love and harmony.

Choose a rose quartz to send a message of love and compassion, and use cherry quartz for hope. This way, you wish that special person not just new opportunities, but also love. Or, if you are a couple, this type of jewellery is a great way of telling her that you love and care about her, and that you want her to achieve her full potential.