Recent Trends In Designs For Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are one of the finest style-defining elements for households in London, especially while finishing up with the kitchens. They are an essential item for all the activities that relate to kitchen works which is why they are often referred to as worktops.” said one of the expert from London Worktops Direct UK

They have to undergo a lot of actions and motions and therefore it is important to have these kitchen worktops in London, after well-done research to ensure their longevity and style.

Here are some of the new trends in these worktops that are going to prevail in the current and coming times.

Quartz –  This material is something that was initially introduced as an alternative to granite in terms of strength and style. However, they have remained in use for a long time and because of their attributes, have become people’s favorite item. This is why these quartz countertops are going to remain on the scene for a long time with new innovative designs and finishing. Nevertheless, it does require some amount of care in terms of dealing with the moisture and other aspects.

Honed against polish –  There has been a constant debate for a choice between tactile and texture-based surfaces. This dispute has extended in the arena of countertops as well. Polished designs are something that is more popular as well as preferred in terms of surfacing, while leather or honed surfacing can be applied easily on different types of materials in a similar way that includes granite, quartz, marble, and other elements alike.