Tips And Tricks For Garden Maintenance

Gardening is that activity which is loved by all in Berkshire but due to a busy lifestyle, not many people are able to give time to the garden. A well-maintained garden not only beautifies the place but also adds to its value. It also provides the people a calm place to relax and spend time with family. So, if you have a garden, it is better to avail Tony’s Gardening, one of the best garden maintenance services in Berkshire.

If you want to do it yourself, here are some tips and tricks for the maintenance of your garden.

  • Examine the quality of plants before buying – It is sure that you are not an expert on plants and it is a little bit difficult for you to check the quality of plants. However, make sure to check the top and bottom i.e. root of plants before buying it. Sometimes the top of the plant is good but the roots are rotten which kills the plant in some time.
  • Say Yes to Organic Fertilizers – Organic fertilizers are free from chemicals. If you will use animal manure and litter as by-products of your garden, the growth of plants will increase. Nutrient value is higher in these fertilizers as compared to chemical fertilizers.
  • Removal of weeds – Weeds reduce the growth of plants. Tugging them by hand or by using a trowel or knife can increase the growth of your plants and your garden will look good.
  • Keep your garden neat and clean – It is necessary to clean your garden during the time of fall. Remove the infected and dead leaves from the plants so that they do not affect the other parts of the plant.